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Lacking focused time to work? Join us in a safe space for regular work-sprints with a community of parents working remotely to get stuff done, really!

Come try out #WETOGETHERAGAIN, the Flexible Virtual Coworking Solution for parents working remotely by Working Ensemble. We were initially a Coworking and on-site Childcare solution. We are still working on reopening a new physical location soon. 🤞 (See for more information.)

Together, we get focused time (during work-sprints on Zoom), meet other parents (in the Slack group), find some activities for young kids (sorted by us for you and off-screen 🙌), to, in the end, get our work done guilt-free, and be happier!

We relaunch this February and want to offer you a 15 day trial. You’ll get to see first-hand what work-sprints are all about, and wonder how you did without them until now. 😉

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Oh, and invite your friends to join too by sending them this:  Join me in trying Working Ensemble's online solution to get work done by work-sprinting (and discovering what it is) together. 🙌