Our Story

Hi, I’m Diane.

I’m the founder and CEO (Chief Everything Officer!) of Working Ensemble.

I moved to Canada, Toronto, from France, 10 years ago with my partner, and we now have 2 two young children. They are the reason why I got started with creating this solution in the first place, and continue at my own pace.

I was looking for a flexible shared workspace where I would feel welcomed to come with my, at the time, 8 month old, when I needed to focus on my work.

As this magic place didn’t exist in Toronto in 2016, I was suggested by my own mom (Merci Maman!) to create it myself.

With a background in software development, I’m not afraid to learn new things, like starting a business, and tackle complex problems, like bringing together coworking and childcare.

Then, here we are, 4 years, and a pandemic later, with Working Ensemble going virtual, before reopening physically and expanding to multiple locations.

Join us in reshaping the world we live and work in, to suit our own work/life rhythms!

Mom and son smiling