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Modern 3D Printed Pink Rose 🌹

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These roses are 3D Printed in "Vase mode", meaning each rose is also a vase! 

Fun fact: the small roses are perfect to hold the small daisies/flowers children pick to make little bouquets. ❤️ 💐 

Sizes available:
- Small rose, with or without a stem. The rose only is 5cm high, and 20cm with its stem.
- Large rose vase. This rose is 12.5cm high.

Colour: Translucent/shinny silk neon pink rose, dark green or black stem.

Material: PLA, 100% biobased plastic, derived from renewable resources such as corn.

Limited quantity available, more made to order.

Original design by lytta: https://www.printables.com/model/131488-spiral-vase-rose