Working Ensemble

#WETOGETHERAGAIN Founding Membership Yearly option

Sale price Price $470.00 Regular price $970.00 Unit price  per 

This membership, called #WETOGETHERAGAIN, will include:

  • Access to a virtual coworking space, on Zoom 24/7, where you can get on when you need/can and get to work alongside other parents working remotely,
  • Access to a community platform on Slack, where you can invite others to join you on Zoom to work at the same time,
  • Scheduled work-sprints, masterminds/brainstorming, Ask & Give sessions, experts trainings/office hours, etc...
  • Access to the physical coworking and childcare locations,
  • Access to special offers/discounts from partners thanks to our bigger buying power when together, like a Health Insurance Plan,
  • Maybe, if that interests enough of you, a subscription box with products supporting us in our quest for better work/life rhythm (coffee/tea, chocolate, office supplies, things for our children, etc...)
  • And surely more!

As a Founding Member, you get all of this for the special price of $470/year. This is the lowest price this membership will be and you'll get to keep this price as long as you are a good standing member. Fyi: by signing up for the year, you get 2 months, at $47/month, off.

The doors of this Founding Members launch are only open for 1 week, until Friday, September 4th, 11:59pm EST to allow me to curate the best experience for you and, with you, sculpt this solution to your needs. The doors will reopen in December only (at a higher price).

By the way, every month, all members will also get a chance to win special services/products that I believe make our lives easier. Think Rhodia Goalbook (Bujo's best friend), The Content Planner, Healthy Moms Discount card, Satya organic Skincare (for all skins), and more, for us parents and for our children.

No obligation. You can cancel anytime.