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#WETOGETHERAGAIN Founding Membership

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This membership, called #WETOGETHERAGAIN, will include:

  • Access to a virtual coworking space, on Zoom almost 24/7, where you can get on when you need/can and get to work alongside other parents working remotely,
  • Access to a community platform on Slack, where you can invite others to join you on Zoom to work at the same time,
  • Scheduled work-sprints, masterminds/brainstorming, Ask & Give sessions, experts trainings/office hours, etc...
  • Access to the physical coworking and childcare locations (subject to additional fees),
  • Access to special offers/discounts from partners thanks to our bigger buying power when together, like a Health Insurance Plan,
  • Maybe, if that interests enough of you, a subscription box with products supporting us in our quest for better work/life rhythm (coffee/tea, chocolate, office supplies, things for our children, etc...)
  • And surely more!

As a Founding Member, you get all of this for the special price of $47/month. This is the lowest price this membership will be and you'll get to keep this price as long as you are a good standing member. Fyi: you can sign up for the year, at $470/year, and you get 2 months off (see yearly option).

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